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Confess Life Over Your Health

We've not been given the spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND!

You thoughts go into your heart. From the heart they go into your mouth. WHat comes out of your mouth creates your future!

Speak life and faith! Not fear and death!

* 1 Minute 43 Seconds

The answer is right under your nose!

Besides exercise, a health diet and supplimentation a healthy confession is manditory! Quit speaking sickness, illness, worry and frustration!

Speak life! Speaking healing!

* 1 Minute 51 Seconds

Confess Life  Not Death

One of the most important conversations you'll ever have is with yourself!

Speak life to yourself! Speak joy! Speak peace! Speak victory!

* 2 Minute 19 Seconds

Confess Life Over Your Marrage

Who Am I ?

Confess Life Over Your Finances

Prosperity and blessing are the will of God!

 Are you being "Hung by your tongue?

Learn the law of the harvest! Understand that You can be "Loosed from the noose" of poverty!

Learn to give AND receive!

* 1 Minute 33 Seconds

What do you say to each other? What do you say ABOUT each other ... in private ... to yourselves?

The power of life and death in in your tongue! Speak life over your marriage!

It'll change your future!

* 1 Minute 53 Seconds