You can only get wounded if you

care enough

to fight!

We all have a neural time machine. It's our mind! It allows us to re-frame the past or imagine the future.

How do you use your mind? Does it work for you or against you?

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Time is the true currency of life!

copyright 2016 Gary Eby

 What will our society suffer because the leadership we need is somewhere hurting rather than rallying the troops?   Great public servants, teachers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and politicians, all over the world are waiting for someone to care enough to put their arms around them and say, "Let's get back into the battle of life again! We need you!"

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We live in a different Kingdom. We live by the higher law of faith. No one should be able to tell you what you are worth!

We understand that giving is just part of the "Law of the Harvest." Thank God for the HARVEST!

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In the beginning God spoke. Through His words He created all that there is. God still speaks today! Hos words still have power today!

We can speak God's Word! They sill are a creative force

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copyright 2016 Gary Eby

Are we subject to

the world's economy?